Important payroll dates

Week commencing Monday 17 December 2018

We will be running our regular payment deadlines this week and payment dates will remain unchanged. To view our usual deadlines and payment days please visit the Timesheets section of our website.


Week commencing Monday 24 December 2018

Our payroll this week will be affected by the public holidays. We will have amended timesheet deadlines and our payments will be made on Monday 24 December and Friday 28th December only. The timesheet deadline for faster payment on Monday 24 December is 4pm on Friday 21 December.

This will be the last payment date before Christmas Day so please ensure submission as early as possible. The timesheet deadline for faster payment on Friday 28 December is 6pm on Monday 24 December. Timesheets received after 6pm on Monday 24 December will be paid on the next payment run.


Week commencing Monday 31 December 2018

Our payroll deadlines and payment dates will return to normal this week however you might receive your payslip/remittance on Wednesday rather than Tuesday due to the public holiday. Timesheets sent before Wednesday 4pm will be paid on Thursday morning.

  • Placements where an electronic timesheet is used (i.e. NHSP), your pay will be reliant on the approval and submission of your shifts by the client.
  • If you use an umbrella company you should speak to them and check their own holiday period deadlines and payment dates to make sure you know when you will be paid


Regular timesheet deadlines and payment days

Maxxima provides three weekly payment processes, assuming timesheets and invoices (where required) are correct; these will be paid on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Below is a summary of the Maxxima timesheet deadlines and when payment will show in your designated account or when payment will be received by your umbrella company:


Deadline Payment Received
Monday - 6pm Thursday - 9am
Wednesday – 4pm Thursday - 4pm
Thursday – 10am Friday - 4pm


For more information contact your recruitment consultant, or alternatively speak to our finance team on: 020 7749 9311.